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Blockchain brings us to an era of a new digital revolution! Everywhere in the world today we hear of the word Blockchain which baffles some but inspires others. Righty so, because it is the new revolution that is upon us. This is the technology that will change the way we do business across the globe and the technology that powers bitcoin.

Those of us who regularly use internet has become somewhat familiar with privacy issues, cybercrimes and encryption technology, and know that even though it is a great tool for collaboration it has many shortcomings when it comes to doing commerce. In such scenarios blockchain helps by keeping the user’s information anonymous, the blockchain validates and keeps a permanent public record of all transactions and creates a record of every transaction that is transparent and incorruptible. With its advent, we will not need to trust each other in the traditional sense, because trust is built into the system itself.

We collaborate with European Digital University to run the following academic programmes to cater to the growing need worldwide:

  • Certified Crypto Currency Expert
  • Certified Blockchain Developer
  • Certified Smart Contract Developer
  • Certified Blockchain Architect
  • Bachelor of Science in Blockchain Technology
  • Master of Science in Blockchain Technology
  • Diploma in Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Diploma in Fundamentals of Cyber Security
  • Certified Cyber Security Professional
  • Diploma in Fundamentals of Nano Technology
  • Certified Nano Technology Expert

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