Our Chancellor HIS EXCELLENCY Prof.Dr. Lakshman Madurasinghe  MSc (Psy-Brighton) PhD ., DBA (TUA-USA) , D Litt (Amity-USA).,  Attorney-at-Law;  CPC. (Compensation USA) ,  M Inst Coun (Glasgow)., Chartered Fellow CIPD (Lond)., FTBCCT-Lond., Fellow Cambridge International Academics, Milton, Cambridge, England,  is a Lawyer and a Behavioural Scientist with graduate and post graduate studies in International Law , Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Integrative Medicines and Behavioual Science . He is also an Educationist, Thought Leader & Strategist, Author of four books including Clinical Psychology, Buddhism & Christianity. He is the pioneer of the e-Consciousness model of transformation and is a past pupil of the prestigious S Thomas’ College Mt Lavinia, Sri Lanka which was modelled after Eton College Windsor England.  

He is an Academic Committee Member of EDU Brussels which is accredited to the European Parliament, Fellow of the Cambridge International Academics, Cambridge, England, Member World Jurist Association, USA , Member American Compensation Association, and a Professor of Amity, USA. He serves as Governor of European Digital Blockchain University and a Special Advisor of On Sky Global USA.

He heads the Legal and Operations secretariat of AUGP USA and functions as the Global Legal Advisor to its funding partner, the US Financial Conglomerate Vaama Forex – The Pintus Group located at the Federal Reserve USA with net assets exceeding 500 Billion US $. He supervises the funding and investment negotiations and provide expert advice on legal instruments for individual clients or governments. which include  Mergers & Acquisitions , Collateral Transfer (‘leasing’ of Bank Guarantee or SBLC)  · Credit Line against existing Bank Instrument or Bond · Corporate Loans · Private Equity or Stakeholder Investment. The  Legal Secretariat would also guide investors on MT 760, MT 799 and related banking procedures.


He has published many research papers and theses including ” Neuro-Physiological Correlates of Altered States of Consciousness”, and is the Author of “Organizational Behaviour”, Joint author of “ Clinical Psychology”, A Handbook of Job Evaluation, Multivariate Analysis for Business Managers, Foundations of Christian faith and a set on “World Religions covering Buddhism and Christianity”. In 2007, he wrote a review of Pope Benedict’s encyclical  ” Spe Salvi Facti Sumus” which appeared in the Asian Tribune.


  • Ancient Sri Lankan medicine, art, history, language (Maghadi, Pali, Sanskrit and Prakrit scripts) & culture and historical  Ravana.
  • Happiness, risk-taking, neuro-economics and ways to identify different neural correlates for early versus delayed rewards and closely follow the work of David Harvey, Nouriel Roubini & Joseph  Stiglitz.
  • Assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders. Work on bioenergy and psychopathology emphasizing the information processing models that described the role of attention and the impact of the cognitive processes on interpersonal functioning.
  • Research on psychotherapy outcome including the mechanisms underlying cognitive-behavioral treatment for anxiety disorders, and adapting protocols developed for research to non-research clinical settings. BTNRC research centre .


Post-doctoral Fellow  and Professor- Psychology of Religion- Amity USA

Fellow- FTBCCT- The British Council For Complementary Therapies ( CBT) – London. Psychometric lincence British Psychological Society  London.

Pragna Pabha Pranama – ප්‍රඥා ප්‍රභා ප්‍රණාම-For his contribution to Education worldwide. For sharing knowledge and wisdom, for guiding youth for future challenges as an Educator-2020

Dr.Abdul Kalam Memorial Excellence Award- Pride of Sri lanka -2019

Ambassador for Peace- Centre for Peace Studies 2018

Diplomat- International Commission of Diplomatic Relations IGO registered with UN-2018

Ambassador- United Refugee Green Council -URGC- Cyprus-2018

Inducted as His Highness Raja Ke Shuraveer Rajasree of the Royal family, Patani Sultanate Indonesia- 2018

Baron of Royal and Imperial House Draco Gold Ferrari bestowed by HRM Dr.Jorge Gold Ferrari

Shresta Guru Pitru- ශ්‍රෙෂ්ඨ ගුරු පීතෘ-Eminent Educationist- Institute of Counselling & Psychology

Mano Vidyadhipathi Sammana- මනෝ විද්‍යාධිපති-Eminent in Psychological Sciences Award; Int Congress & Uni of Kelaniya

Vested as a Knight  and Knight Commander of the Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem; Grand Chancellor in 2016

Knight Grand Cross Order of the Mystical Rose- 2017; Vice Commander

Watson Scholar- First Asian Watson Scholar Haggai USA- 1993

Specialy trained in HAY -UK and MEIRC- Beirut Job Evaluation , Multivariate analyses (MANOVA), Principal Component Analisis (PCA), Factor analysis  & Executive Compensation-1986

Trained by American International Institute on  BANK GUARANTEE (BG) · STANDBY L/C PREFERRED (SBLC) · Credit Line against existing Bank Instrument or Bond and the use of  MT 760, MT 799 and related banking procedures.

Senior Scholar-(Corresponding Member) Instituto Balear de la Historia, Spain EU 2016

Excellence Award- International Board of Medicine and Surgery- USA 2017

Post-doctoral Moderator- SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia 2016


He is a Member of : Royal Association of Royals and Nobles: British Scholars Association :  Cambridge University Alumni Society of Cambridge University, England, and its former Treasurer in Sri Lanka: Alumni Association of  University of Brighton, American Alumni Association Sri lanka, Japan International Cooperation Agency-JICA, World Jurists Association, USA: International Council of Psychologists, USA, Institute of Counselling, Glasgow: Charter Member of the American Association of Christian Counsellors-AACC, USA:  BASL- The Bar Association of Sri Lanka: Colombo Law Society: Organization of Professional Associations-OPA: Japan International Cooperation Agency-JICA, Japan: Chartered Fellow of CIPD-London-1995. 

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