Ambassadors ( Peace & Goodwill)

UNUGP enlists the volunteer services and support of prominent individuals from the worlds of art, sport, literature, humanitarian services, peace and entertainment to highlight priority issues and to draw attention to its activities. Our experience has proven that celebrities can contribute to UNUGP’s efforts to raise awareness of the aims, objectives and priorities of the Organization, to convey messages about its activities and to extend its public outreach.

Individuals invited to serve as Ambassadors shall:

(a) Possess widely recognized talent in the arts, sciences, literature, entertainment, sport or other fields of public life:

(b) Be persons of integrity who demonstrate a strong desire to help mobilize public interest in, and support for, the purposes and principles of UNUGP, and who demonstrate the commitment and proven potential to reach out to significant audiences, including decision-makers;

(c) Possess the personality and dignity required for such high-level representative capacity.

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Amb. Datuk. Dr Aphinita Chaichana

Global Commander in Chief of UNPKFC-SEA




Ms. Neena Riche UK


Asha J UK

Asha J singer, songwriter, performer, model, actress, Ambassador for World Peace and Foundation against Thalassemia. Born and bought up in the UK she supports Worldwide causes through her Music Celebrity status opening and closing events over the years with the world peace project song ‘Asha For Peace’ and promoting online campaigns and supporting the charities through online media awareness on social platforms.


Deshabandu Vishwa JP Dr.Janaka Edirisinghe

A distinguished past pupil of prestigious Royal College Colombo Sri Lanka Janaka held a flawless academic and extra-curricular track record.  He was a school Prefect and one of the finest Athletes produced by Royal.

BS., MS ( Industrial Engineering- North Carolina A & T Summa Cum Laude.

Past President Rotary Club Colombo West 1996-1997 RI District 3220


Amb. Dr.Baroness Uba Iwunwa Canada

A Nigerian Born Singer/Actress, an advocate for Nigerian Culture and Heritage in Canada. Uba is an artist with a difference, proudly a Nigerian home girl making waves in Canada. Starring as Nneka in the award-winning Nollywood movie ‘Missing Link’, a Phinchic Productions Canada. Her Human Rights advocacy and numerous various community charity work particularly, with youth in Africa, globally earned her an award for Nigerian Goodwill Ambassador and Nigerian Youth Ambassador to the world.


Academician Prof.Dr Mirjana Radovic-Markovic 

Dr Mirjana Radovic-Markovic  is a full professor of Entrepreneurship . She holds B. Sc, M. Sc. and PhD  Degrees in Economics,  as well as Post Doctoral Studies in Multidisciplinary Studies in Lomonosow (Russia). She has served as a professor at a number of international universities, foundations and institutes. In addition, she is a Member of Scientific Council, National Ministry of Science, Serbia (2016-) ,head of the Scientific Centre for Economic Researches, Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia (2008-),Member of Management Board of Institute of Institute of Economic Sciences (2008-) executive of Research Centre of Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship,Belgrade,Serbia ( 2017-) and so forth. Professor is a founder and editor in chief of three Peer Journals as follow: The Journal of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Education (JWE), International Review (IR) and Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Resilience (JEBR).

She has written more than thirty books and more than hundred peers’ journal articles. Her publications are published by top world publishing companies as  Routledge,Francis Taylor,Springer,Palgrave McMillan ,Emerald ,Sage and IAP Publisher,IGI Global.


Ms. Meera Wijayarathne

BA (Special Sociology- University of Colombo) .,MA ICD and Futwagen University-Berlin, Germany )(Candidate).

Researcher and Lecturer Cultural Diplomacy at United Nations University for Global Peace.

Meera is the Head of WPDO-World Peace and Diplomacy Org in the European Union and the Head of Cultural Diplomacy Hub.  She has participated in several conferences and symposia in Cultural Diplomacy. The interactions with World leaders, Diplomats and Academia has sharpened her skills given greater impetus to start a new dialogue about world peace. The lack of mutual understanding between ethnic groups, religions and different cultures has led to world conflicts. Her personal belief is that , there should be a strong voice,  a strong mediator to address these world conflicts. And for that using the concept of cultural diplomacy as a  soft power could be a very good option.

As she says: My dream is to create a Cultural Diplomacy Hub. This hub will create a new dialogue for world peace. Together with  the United Nations, European Union, Asia and African Union , a huge change can be done. The Cultural Diplomacy Hub will address the values of accepting and respecting different cultures and religions. This Hub will be a bridge to connect people all around the world through Music, Art, Festivals, Events and also by organizing intellectual discussions.

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H.E. Imperial Emperor Prince Dr. Robert Morris

Prince of the family of Morrice (Morris) which is of great antiquity .This is a Sovereign Monarchy.

Owner of General Contractors llc with over 40 years of experience.

The Peaceful Mind Foundation Ambassador of Psychological Health .

Franklin University Associate degree in Electrical and Mechanical . Activities and Societies: Alpha Phi Omega

Trained in Legal research related to Corporate Law, Bankruptcy and Finance Law.

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