Goodwill Ambassadors

UNUGP enlists the volunteer services and support of prominent individuals from the worlds of art, sport, literature, humanitarian services, peace and entertainment to highlight priority issues and to draw attention to its activities. Our experience has proven that celebrities can contribute to UNUGP’s efforts to raise awareness of the aims, objectives and priorities of the Organization, to convey messages about its activities and to extend its public outreach.

Individuals invited to serve as Goodwill Ambassadors shall:

(a) Possess widely recognized talent in the arts, sciences, literature, entertainment, sport or other fields of public life:

(b) Be persons of integrity who demonstrate a strong desire to help mobilize public interest in, and support for, the purposes and principles of UNUGP, and who demonstrate the commitment and proven potential to reach out to significant audiences, including decision makers;

(c) Possess the personality and dignity required for such high-level representative capacity.



Ms. Neena Riche UK


Asha J UK

Asha J singer, songwriter, performer, model, actress, Ambassador for World Peace and Foundation against Thalassemia. Born and bought up in the UK she supports Worldwide causes through her Music Celebrity status opening and closing events over the years with the world peace project song ‘Asha For Peace’ and promoting online campaigns and supporting the charities through online media awareness on social platforms.


Amb. Dr.Baroness Uba Iwunwa Canada

A Nigerian Born Singer/Actress, an advocate for Nigerian Culture and Heritage in Canada. Uba is an artist with a difference, proudly a Nigerian home girl making waves in Canada. Starring as Nneka in the award-winning Nollywood movie ‘Missing Link’, a Phinchic Productions Canada. Her Human Rights advocacy and numerous various community charity work particularly, with youth in Africa, globally earned her an award for Nigerian Goodwill Ambassador and Nigerian Youth Ambassador to the world.


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